Saturday, April 19, 2014

FAQ Solid Surface

 FAQ  for Solid Surface

Q. What can solid surface be used for?

A. Solid Surface can be used for countertops, cutting boards, windowsills, tub and shower surrounds, wainscoting, fireplaces, signage, furniture to name a few. Its uses are only limited to the imagination.

Q. Can I have the color that I want?

A. There are hundreds and hundreds of colors available from numerous manufacturers so it is unlikely that you will not find a color that will please you.

Q. Does solid surface stain?

A. Solid Surface is a non porous product meaning that it will not stain. Solid surface will show a residue from substances such as coffee, which may appear to be a stain. However the discoloration can be removed with a Scotchbrite® pad.

Q. Will my solid surface countertop have a seam?

A. Yes. All countertops will have a seam of one type or another. The seam could be on the countertop itself or the separate pieces of material used for the edge buildup. All seams in solid surface fabrications are inconspicuous, meaning not noticeable. Seams are NOT invisible.

Q. Does solid surface need to be sealed?

A. No. Solid surface is non-porous and does not require sealing

Q. Will solid surface scratch?

A. Solid surface is a very durable surface but can scratch. Scratches can be removed with common sandpaper. Most scuffs can be removed with a Scotchbrite® pad.

Q. Can I put a hot pot on my solid surface?

A. It is not recommended. When excessive heat and pressure (weight) are applied to the surface you may get a “blush” mark. It is suggested that you use a hot pad or trivet with rubber feet on almost any surface

Q. How much heat can solid surface take?

A. Most solid surface remains stable and undamaged in a range of 0 to 212 degrees. High heat and flame can damage solid surface. It is recommended when using electric skillets, crock pots or other appliances that may generate extreme heat, a trivet or hot pad be placed under the appliance. For every solid surface kitchen countertop that we furnish, a trivet/cutting board is furnished free of charge. Our standard size is 14” x 16”. If a different size is desired, please notify the template maker at time of countertop measure.

Q. What if I damage my solid surface countertop?

A. Solid surface is repairable and renewable. Cracked or damaged areas can be removed and replaced with a seamed in color matched piece that was left with your original installation. This is a prime reason that solid surface is used in countertop fabrication. Your countertops are renewable and can remain in like new condition for a very long time.

Q. Can I use my solid surface countertops as a cutting board?

A. It is not recommended. Although minor scratches can be easily removed, regular cutting on your countertop will necessitate more maintenance by the homeowner.

A. Additional information may be found in the Corian Care and Maintenance Instructions.